Adamant Finance


Adamant Token (ADDY) is the native token of the Adamant Finance platform on Polygon and provides value for liquidity providers, farmers, and token stakers. You can earn ADDY by using the vaults or by buying it on Quickswap. For every 100 ADDY minted, 15 additional ADDY will be minted to the developer fund to ensure rapid innovation.
Adamant's docs refer to "ADDY", the Adamant platform token on the Polygon chain, but the information on most pages will also apply to the Adamant platform tokens on other chains, though certain numbers like the minting rate will be different.

Token Supply and Emission

ADDY is mainly minted based on the profit generated through performance fees from Adamant's normal vaults. 300 ADDY are minted for every 1 ETH earned in performance fees.
  • The initial supply of ADDY is 100,000 tokens.
  • Up to 50% of the performance fee will be used to buyback ADDY to form Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL).
  • The rest of the performance fee, after protocol expenses are paid, is distributed as the native chain's token (ex. WMATIC) to users with staked ADDY, vested ADDY, or locked ADDY in the fee distribution contract.
The ADDY token does not have a maximum supply, but the emission rate of ADDY will significantly decrease over time.
In addition, since ADDY is minted based on the profit generated through performance fees, this limits inflation during periods of low revenue.


Both staking ADDY and locking ADDY allows users to earn profits generated from Adamant's vaults.
In addition, locking ADDY also boosts the amount of ADDY earned by up to 100% for most of Adamant's vaults and allows users to participate in the governance process of Adamant.
Adamant platform tokens on other networks fulfill the same purpose as ADDY on Polygon, so almost all documentation will cover all Adamant platform tokens unless otherwise stated.


Adamant's contracts have been audited by Certik, one of the leading professional auditing firms in the industry.