Adamant Finance


adMESH token, and how it fits in the Meshswap ecosystem


adMESH is tokenized vMESH (staked MESH)

  • If a user deposits MESH into Adamant, that MESH is locked forever on the platform as vMESH.
  • A tokenized version of vMESH, adMESH, is returned to the user at a 1:1 rate.
  • adMESH represents 1 staked MESH and is pegged to MESH at a 1:1 ratio.
  • If adMESH falls below the peg, the adMESH/MESH vault strategy automatically buys back adMESH to restore the peg. An inflationary death spiral (i.e. TERRA LUNA) can’t occur because adMESH can only be created by depositing MESH in Adamant.
  • The adMESH token address is 0x791e974FD87c8d0BCAa9aa253ff4591A5957127c.

adMESH benefits

  • By staking their adMESH on Adamant, users will gain the maximum yield from MESH staking without having their capital locked. adMESH can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Users will be able to freely swap adMESH for MESH.
  • Adamant will use their voting power to boost the MESH rewards for the adMESH/MESH pool, which will significantly increase staking rewards for users.
  • Adamant will also participate in Meshswap governance with the goal of maximizing user yields.

How to deposit at Adamant to maximize your MESH yield

  1. 1.
    Head to and in the token dropdown, select “adMESH”.
2. Open the “adMESH Deposit” vault and enter the amount of MESH you wish to deposit, then click the Deposit button. The minimum deposit is 1 MESH. You will get one adMESH token for each MESH you deposit.
3. Now, open the “adMESH Earnings Pool” vault or the “adMESH Auto-Compound” vault, enter the amount of adMESH you have (or click the MAX button), then click the Invest button.
If you staked in the “adMESH Earnings Pool”, your MESH rewards will appear every few hours. They can be claimed at any time.
If you staked in the “adMESH Auto-Compound” vault, your MESH rewards will automatically be compounded into more adMESH. You do not need to claim anything.


  • Is it normal that the adMESH/MESH pool APR is lower than the Staking MESH APR on Meshswap's staking page? (
The APR displayed on that page includes airdrops (which Adamant claims and distributes to the pool, but is not shown on Adamant's UI) and the pool voting APR for the pool the user has voted for, which will be different than the pool voting APR for the adMESH/MESH pool.
  • Is it normal for the price of adMESH to be lower than the price of MESH?
If there is more adMESH in the pool than MESH, the price of adMESH will be lower than MESH.
This can happen when someone swaps adMESH to a token other than MESH, because adMESH will first be swapped for MESH, then MESH will be swapped to the other token.
The amount of adMESH in the pool increases, while the amount of MESH decreases. That causes the price to deviate from the desired 1:1 ratio.