Adamant Finance

Staking LP Tokens to Earn ADDY

Depositing into the vault

To get Quickswap LP tokens, click the +/- Liquidity button on the vault page. On the Quickswap interface, deposit an equal value of the two tokens you wish to provide liquidity for. Once you have the LP tokens, click the Stake button on the vault page.
There is a withdrawal fee of 0.5% for early vault withdrawals within 72 hours to prevent "yield sniping".
The Exit button will be red if the vault withdrawal fee is active. Depositing into the vault will reset the early withdrawal timer.

Claiming vested ADDY to receive vault performance fees

ADDY will be available to claim after the vault is harvested. When that happens, the Vestbutton will appear. Click this button and your earned ADDY is minted (new tokens are created) and automatically deposited into the fee distribution contract. Depositing or withdrawing from the vault will also claim any pending ADDY for you.
ADDY in the FeeDistributioncontract automatically rewards holders with the performance fees generated by the vaults. The fees are periodically transferred from the vaults into the distributor contract and released evenly over the following seven days.
Vested ADDY can be withdrawn early but is subject to a 50% early exit penalty.
Freshly minted ADDY is considered to be vesting for 90 days. It is possible to withdraw before the 90 days have passed, but doing so will incur a 50% early vesting withdrawal penalty. Your vesting ADDY will still earn performance fees during that time. After 90 days are complete, your vesting ADDY will become unlocked and may be withdrawn freely.