Users can reap the benefits of auto-compounding by depositing Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to Adamant's vault contracts, which are then compounded into more LP tokens.

There is a 30% performance fee taken from the profit each vault generates, but for every 1 ETH in fees collected, 380 ADDY is minted. Some vaults may have reward multipliers that change that number.

There is also a withdrawal fee of 0.5% of your total stake for early withdrawals within 72 hours for all vaults except for the main ADDY-ETH pool. The withdraw button will be red if the withdrawal fee is active, otherwise it will be orange. Depositing into the vault will reset the early withdrawal timer.

Some of the Qi vaults have a 0.5% deposit fee (this is separate from Adamant's fees).

100% of the performance fee currently is distributed as WMATIC to users with staked ADDY, vested ADDY, or locked ADDY in the fee distribution contract. In the future, some of the performance fee will be used to buyback ADDY and distribute it to locked ADDY stakers.

The APY shown on the front page takes the fee and any reward multipliers into account, as well as the additional yield from ADDY rewards.

Vault Types:

ADDY/ETH LP Reward Pool

Users can stake ADDY/ETH LP tokens to earn even more ADDY tokens. Investors who believe in the long-term vision of Adamant can also lock their LP tokens in the contract for up to a 3x boost in rewards.

Emissions for this pool are influenced by Adamant's current income. If the income is high, emissions will increase. Conversely, if the income is low, emissions will decrease.

Auto-Compound LP

Auto-compounding vaults automatically sell the harvested tokens (i.e. QUICK) and compound it into more of whatever tokens are staked. For any vault with a TVL of $1000 or more, this is done anywhere from 50 to 1000+ times per day. Auto-compounding frequency varies based on factors like the vault's TVL, the yield of the pool being farmed, and vault activity.

When you withdraw from an auto-compounding vault, you will withdraw more of the token that you staked along with any ADDY that you have earned. Withdrawing from a vault will withdraw all of your staked tokens; partial withdrawals are not supported.

Users can also manually compound for a vault if they wish to.